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Learn How to Earn

PaidToClick.in is a Paid to Click, Paid to Read, Paid to Signup, and Paid to Read Emails website. You earn money by viewing websites, playing games, and signing up to other websites similar to PaidToClick.in!

There are many ways to earn money on PaidToClick.in and below you will see the different ways explained a little bit more. Log in to your account and look the Earnings Page where you can can access the many different ways to earn some easy cash.
The following list of things are very important for earning money.
    Cheat Check NumbersThese appear in the header on every ad and must be answered correctly before you are credited for viewing the ad. When you begin to view an ad, a timer appears near the banner at the top of the screen. When the timer runs out, it will says Click X (X is a random number between 0 and 9). Below that statement Click X are 4 numbers. Simply click the matching number to X and your account will be credited.
    Random Trivia QuestionsThese appear in the middle of the screen randomly (once every 10 ads or so) and asks you Which of these is a Color? with 4 possible choices. Simply pick the choice that is the color and click Answer. Do not answer the cheat check numbers at the top.
Now that you now how to correctly complete viewing our ads, here is some more information on the different ways to earn money.

Please note that all of the PTC Banner Ads, PTC Surf Ads, Read Ads, and Exchange Ads will be available for you to view again the next day. You can view as many or as few ads as you would like from all the categories.

Paid Emails
You can earn $0.01 - $5 per Emails ad viewed. The Paid email is sent to your private email inboxes for to be viewed, that includes a message from the advertiser. Each hit last for at least 10 seconds. Please look -> Profile - Preferences - and Turn ON paid emails.

Link Ad /PTC Surf Ads
Link Ad/PTCSurf Ads are the low cost per click advertising option that most advertisers use. You can earn $0.001 per ad viewed up to $5 per ad viewed. You can either click each Link ad seperately or you can use the Surf These Links button to automatically surf through all of them.

Read Ads
Reads Ads are a slightly more expensive advertising form that allows you to make more money than the Link Ad/Surf Ads. You can earn $0.001 to $5 per click. The difference between the Read Ads and the Link Ad/Surf Ads is that the Read Ads will open a new tab in your browser that includes a brief message from the advertiser. You view this page for 10 seconds before clicking continue.

Signup Offers
Signup Offers allow advertiser to receive guaranteed signups from PaidToClick.in Members. You can earn $0.05 - $10 per signup complete. Simply click on an add you want to complete, then click the Complete This Offer button to view the website to join. After joining the website, copy and paste the Confirmation Email or your username that you used to signup into the Proof box and click submit. Within 5 days, the offer will be Accepted or Denied, depending on whether you completed the signup correctly and if you submitted relevant proof of signup.

Please note : Premium Members (Member's who purchase a membership) will have access to more ads and makes more Referral Earnings than Basic Members.

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